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Re: Intent vs Outcome [kiki] [ In reply to ]
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kiki wrote:
SH wrote:
veganerd wrote:
Truthfully, I'm beginning to wonder if "being believed" is really the issue in these high profile cases. I think a description that often fits the facts better is that these women are worried their revelation won't cause maximum damage, and are just waiting for that particular opportunity to present itself.

Many people do believe women, but sometimes not enough people care. See trump and the couple dozen accusations against him. I can easily imagine a woman seeing that and thinking that its pointless to come forward.

Yes. I agree.

I can destroy the career of a man = worth it.
I will fail to destroy his career = not worth it.

It's hard to gauge sometimes before you start in.

the dichotomy is interesting: Machiavellian or Underdog being the two ends of the spectrum, the ones that get highlighted by people with greater agendas

and every theme and variation in between being the more likely truth

Sure. I'm not dogmatic about this. I've written many a post here endorsing good things that came/come from #metoo. Strangely, I was never personally attacked when I took those positions. However, I've noticed a lot of ad hominem, gaslighting, nitpicking, and subject changing whenever I've got something negative to say that might be related to #metoo.

That type of reaction is a signal -- to me at least -- that the space needs to be explored.
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