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Re: Indy 70.3: Biggest fields? [mgreer] [ In reply to ]
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Was thinking about this thread with the Deuces Wild Endurance festival coming up in June. They've done the Deuceman for 11 years. Here's the breakdown of the last five years for Deuceman Half entries

2014-Aren't online.

Never been to Wildflower, so no idea...but guessing based on their promotion-camping and what not seems like they're going for the same idea.

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Re: Indy 70.3: Biggest fields? [TheStroBro] [ In reply to ]
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You can put the half Vineman into the "converted to 70.3" category. The last year it ran under USAT rules was 2005, and there were 1,800 in the field. It was still a Kona qualifier then. In 2006, it became a franchised 70.3, and was bought out by WTC a couple of years ago and rebooted as the Santa Rosa 70.3.

Big Kahuna became the Santa Cruz 70.3. It had 931 registered in 2009, and that was typical. By then the T/A had moved to Depot Park and that's pretty much capacity.

The last Wildflower before the drought and split transition was in 2013, and the total registered for the long course and mountain bike sprint on Saturday was 2,858. Don't have a breakout for that year, but in 2014, with the split transition, total Saturday registration was 2,054, with 1,649 in the long course and 405 in the mtb sprint. If you figure the same 80/20 split it would have been about 2,300 in the long course in 2014. In 2010, there were a total of 3,018 in the two races, so figure something like 2,400 in the long course.
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Re: Indy 70.3: Biggest fields? [karmatraining] [ In reply to ]
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karmatraining wrote:

And what about the various Toughman HIM events?

Of which Tupper Lake Tinman became one.
and then it wasn’t again.

It has been running for 39 years now.
Had 276 participants last year.

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