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Re: Do you consider a massage a workout? [Thomas Gerlach] [ In reply to ]
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Thomas Gerlach wrote:
XX29er wrote:
If the massage is shorter than 60 minutes and intensity is somewhat low, I'm of the mind set that it is not a training session and the training goes on. Looking to hear what you have experienced from either high or low intensity massage greater than 60 minutes. Want to add these sessions into the workout plan to help with recovery. Thoughts? Maybe there already a thread relating to this topic.

I wouldn't consider it a workout if the intensity is low. In that case it is more of a flush IMHO. Ideally the body should be slightly jacked up as why you need the massage in the first place. You can probably forgo the massage in the first place and probably better off honestly just using boots for the light flush if your body isn't there. I don't want to confuse the no-pain no-gain aspect of massage, massage shouldn't go to the point of being extremely painful, but massage IMHO isn't something that one typically looks forward to it either. In general you should look forward to the massage because you know your body, mind need it and the rest (or lack of workouts) that proceed or follow it. If I have a true sport massage, yes it is taking place of a workout or two but I don't consider it a workout, I don't log it.

Much appreciated and the context helps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...
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