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Re: Garmin MARQ Athlete Watch [Jason N] [ In reply to ]
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Jason N wrote:
I don't think this is supposed to be a Rolex replacement. I also don't view this as a great solution to a training/racing watch replacement due to its weight. I think the people who are likely to buy this will wear this day to day during business hours and maybe some light training, still flash their Rolex during really fancy events, but use their 935 (or whatever) for full blown training and racing. And if this watch becomes outdated in 2 years...they'll go buy the next great thing and give this to their nephew. We're talking about people with large amounts of disposable income, and are not making purchases based on practicality.

For Garmin...it helps expand their image and brand loyalty. People with lots of money also have yachts and shit...and that's where Garmin can really make some profits.

That's the problem. I don't see who would buy this. I have a Rolex for work/events and a 935 for training. Both are better at what they are meant to be and both are better values than this line. Even if I run out of things to buy, I rate this watch up there with a Chia Pet. I wouldn't even be able to find a time where it would be appropriate to wear.
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