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BarryP run mileage
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I everyone.
I've a question about running mileage:
I'm doing a bike focus training because I'm a bad rider.

I tkink I can manage a BarryP training, with 2-3 short runs of 20-30', 2 medium runs of 1h (1 of them with 20' tempo), and 1 long run of 1h30-2h.

I'll ran mostly 70.3, and can run a sub37 road 10k.

I just want to do one tempo run and some strides, because my bike training is a bit hard.

Do you think it's enough volume to keep improving and to race 70.3 ?

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Re: BarryP run mileage [ivan2794] [ In reply to ]
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thats almost exactly what i run with a loose barry p method also focusing on 70.3s, olys and sprints. i think i wind up pushing the pace a bit farther than what the barry p method dictates but its working for me overall.

my 2 short runs have been 4-5 miles super slow, but i recently dialed them back to a 5k as i think i was overdoing it. currently my 5k will be a touch over 30 minutes.

my 2 mid runs are currently 9 miles, around an hour five minutes to an hour fifteen depending how i run these, one of which is always a good hard tempo / interval run depending on how im feeling.

my long run will be 12 to 13.1 miles, usually slower than race pace but if im feeling really good ill push it a little.

since starting barry p and working my way up to this milage / time ive seen a big dip in my resting heart rate and what my heart rate does as pace. also i did a duathlon (swim was canceled and a run replaced it) and i destroyed my run times. i was shocked at how fast i ran versus previous runs. it was a good race overall where all the stars aligned and i came in 4th in my age group.

i think with how you have it set up you'll be doing good.

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