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Castelli vs Roka trisuit fit
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Since i had great comments on my Specialized vs Fizik sizing question.... i may as well do the same thing for my trisuit

I have some experience with Castelli... but i don't really have access to try the Roka products.

Looking at the sizing chart, look like Roka has more room for the shoulders, is it accurate, do i need to size down? or it's already accounted for by the sizing?

Last year, i used a Castelli T1 top fit was ok... but i could have used more room in the shoulder for the run.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Castelli vs Roka trisuit fit [benleg] [ In reply to ]
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I don't have any experience with Castelli, but can tell you that everything I've ever gotten from Roka has been super-tight, and I always have to size up. I have definitely never noticed any extra room in the shoulders.
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Re: Castelli vs Roka trisuit fit [benleg] [ In reply to ]
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I'm 5'7'', too much upper body. My experience:

Swim suits - size 30, a little too big.
Wetsuit - size M. Fits ok everywhere but legs way too long and sleeves are a little too long. I cut the bottom few inches from the legs, fits fine.
Swimskin - I returned size M with sleeves because it was a complete no go in the chest/shoulder area. I now have size L and sleeveless and the bottom is way too long, I'm rolling it up.
Cycling bib - size S. Fits ok actually, a little too long at the bottom.

Cycling tops, jackets - size L fits pretty spot on
Cycling bib - size M fits great except the straps could be a bit longer

I'm kind of picking between these two suits myself, leaning toward Castelli but not sure.
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