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Pedal style ankling and bad run form calf
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I ride bikes but am picking up running.

I have a video up in another TT bike fit topic, but I ankle when riding. I get good power and my road cadence average is easily 100rpm to 105 for hard efforts.

I think this style created some bad run form by doing the same thing when pushing off. Using the ankle and calf too much for running.

I bias the right leg cycling and am getting a tight right calf running. OTB or otherwise.

Am I correct when transitioning to a run workout to “calm down” this tendency and feel more like running with the big quads and keeping the calf much less active?

I found this, is this correct?
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Re: Pedal style ankling and bad run form calf [burnthesheep] [ In reply to ]
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you don't run wth quads.

You run with glutes, and hammies, and core. Quads and calves are stabilizing muscles for most efficient hobby joggers like us.

You might consider choking up on your cleat placement on your bike shoes to relieve some calf stress.

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