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Pain in sole
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Pain in sole
Use pedals speedplay walkables
Shoes Bontrager RXL hilo
They have 2 years of use.
The training at medium power or that are not very long, leave me annoyance but not pain.
The long distance or very high power trainings.
They leave my sore on my foot.
The pain is on the outer side of the foot.
This started recently, 2 months ago, and try to move the cleat, etc etc.
But is.
Now I have enough out, this makes the pedal is closer to the inside of the foot and the pain is less, but I load the vast internal leg, I do not think the solution.
It may be that the shoe is expiring?, The look looks like new.
But being carbon carbon is flexing.
I really talk to talk, I could not tell you what it is, so I ask you if you can suggest some tests.
Thank you

sorry my english
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