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Upgrade etap hrd
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I have a very nice 3T Strada pro that came with sram force 1X, but have now upgraded to the excellent 9-32t overdrive cassette and was wanting to upgrade to etap but believe there maybe a huge roadblock here that is etap / hydro disc specific:

I would not want to reroute new brake lines or retape the bar etc, can you just carefully “unplug” the hydraulic hose from the force hrd shifter / brake assembly and plug it into the etap with min / no liquid loss or will it all need rebleeding?

I have really learned to love the shifter being on just one side on the sram 1X setup, especially as (UK config) it allows me to grip the bar better with both hands and just use with one finger rear braking for fine speed adjustments on tired long or twisty / rough terras descents without having the shifter in way; so is going back to needing a shifter on both sides actually a downgrade?

From what I can see the new 12 speed 1X prototypes also have shifter on both sides?

Finally, I am assuming that force and etap have the same mechanism to fix to the bars?

Am perfectly happy with rest of force kit (brake callipers) etc so would just want to change rear dear, front shifters. The main reason for this being that with my mtb 1X I can swap between 26t and 32t and everything in between in chainring and all is well: with 1X road however, even going from 44t to 42t completely screws everything up, or is my system just not set up right? It ain’t easy to find a mechanic who can do 1X road well yet ... so am assuming etap will compensate for these changes or should I be going di2????

I think that’s all for now ;)
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