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Lance as Charity Chaser - Austin Marathon
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Lance is shooting for a 2:45 marathon, running as a "charity chaser" in the Austin Marathon. Maybe we should take bets and send the money to Austin.


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also rule 5
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Re: Lance as Charity Chaser - Austin Marathon [boobooaboo] [ In reply to ]
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Saw this episode on YouTube last night

It was awesome to see Lance mention Back On My Feet, a program that started in Philly

They used to do an event here called 20in24, an "Urban Ultra" which was a 24 hour race doing loops around Fairmount Park [8.4 miles each]. There were solo competitors, as well as a 5-person team relay [4 loops each = 20 loops = 20in24]. There was also something called "Midnight Madness" which was a single 8.4, starting at Midnight [I did the first three they held, my first time ever running with a headlamp!]

Unfortunately, the only time they could get access to the Park for an entire weekend was mid-July, and almost always fell during a heatwave. Starting in 2008, the 2013 edition was cancelled altogether, and the event never returned [although they now have a 5-Miler in the Spring, and offer chiarity entries for Broad Street Run, RnR Philly and the Philly Marathon]




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