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2019 Race/Event Announcing, Commentating & Emceeing
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2018 was my busiest and most productive year of work with Race/Event Announcing, Commentating and Emceeing in the world of triathlon, running and cycling. I was on the microphone this year at over 35 - running, cycling and triathlon races/events across North America.

More here - https://www.linkedin.com/...6472883433042440194/

The days are long at most of the races/events that I work at - but the performances are amazing and the personal stories inspiring. Thank you to the well over 100,000 athletes who crossed finish lines in front of me this year. Congratulations to each and everyone of you.

My goal with my work is to inform, engage, and entertain, and make sure that as many of the participants, spectators, sponsors and other stakeholders, have as great an experience as they can!

I'm currently planning out my 2019 schedule. If you have a race/event, and you want to upgrade your Announcing/Commentary - please contact me for availability and a quote.

Steve Fleck @stevefleck | Blog
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