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Re: Chinese Carbon Wheels - Pros and Cons? [ppkestrel] [ In reply to ]
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I have ridden my Ican's for thousands of miles. I trained for my ironman on them, I raced them on a sprint, an olympic, a half and a full Ironman. I recently did my first road race on a mixed set of Ican's (50 in front, 86 on rear). I'm doing a TT tomorrow on my 86's. I've hit some massive potholes on spirited rides, hard impacts at well over 20mph. One time I hit a a square edged hole so hard that I thought I cracked the rim or the frame. My LBS checked 'em out and saw no damage. I'm considering doing an Ultraman (yes, I'm scared) and plan on using the Ican's on the 250+ bike course. I have 0 regrets on either purchase, the 50's and the 86's. I'm considering their MTB XC set for my 29r.
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