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Philly Women's Tri
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Was fantastic. I don't do a lot of events designed to attract new comers, but when I have, they've been well-run smaller events; Delmo really knocked this out of the park for an inagural race w/ 1300 registrants. Pool swim was a bit chaotic, but that's no surprise when you get participants that don't seed themselves correctly, <eh hem>, yours truly included. This is my first outdoor tri since I had hip surgery last year. My running has been 'meh' so I was surprised and pleased with the outcome.

Anyway, anyone liking very short races and able to get to Philadelphia might want to consider this next year.
Very short =
400 m pool swim (cut to 350 due to lane line equipment failure)
9 mi bike
5 k run.

To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.
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Re: Philly Women's Tri [Tsunami] [ In reply to ]
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Yes, it was fantastic! I haven't raced in many years, and pulled myself out of the wall to support Delmo.
I was at the pointy end of the swim, so not as chaotic as it could have been.
Really enjoyed the bike, especially the "Yo, Slow Down!!" signs well ahead of the turns.
Due to raging plantar fasciitis, I elected to switch to Aquabike on race morning. No problem... just went into reg tent, and in two clicks it was done.
I especially enjoyed the food trucks... just present your race bib ticket and pick which food you'd like. So easy!

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