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Female specific sports data analysis: your thoughts?!
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Hi ladies!

I'm the founder of WILD: your body. your data. act on it: Based on the principle that everyone should be able to use and learn from the data they track for their own benefit. We started with triathletes: we help track not only your activities (that we get from Strava, etc), but equally how you sleep, eat, your mood, your niggles, stretch, etc : the objective being to train smarter, avoid injuries and improve our performances.

We started getting quite a few feedback and question from our female users, around the tracking of our cycles: to help us understand how it impacts our performance, what type of sports we should focus on at certain times, etc

I'd love to have your thoughts on that: is that something you're tracking, do you know any good scientific research behind we should add to ours to frame a really good product specifically for active women?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!! Email is helene@wildnow.co if you want to reach directly - or to try it out here

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Re: Female specific sports data analysis: your thoughts?! [helenka] [ In reply to ]
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Hi Helene,

I think it would be interesting! I track my cycles -- actually having something weird going on right now. My cycle has been fluctuating anywhere from 36 - 15 days. It's unreal. I am not sure what is happening (is this peri-menopause? Is it training? Is it my diet? WTF) but I think it would be a cool thing to sync up. I use the Ovia app to track my cycles.
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