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Re: Felt IA Build [22kjackson] [ In reply to ]
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22kjackson wrote:
Are you still in need of the Dagger stem for the FRD? Send me a PM, I have one available that's never been used

those are handy!

Eric Reid
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Re: Felt IA Build [jaretj] [ In reply to ]
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I own a 2019 IA2 Disc. My stem is proprietary but Felt changed it for the Advanced models and it looks like you can run a standard stem and keep the Devox bars. The problem you’ll run into is with the front cover below the stem. It is secured by a screw on either side of the stem. You’re probably going to have to shave off the tabs and possibly trim the cover to match the profile of your replacement stem. Then just tape it to keep it secure.

As far as the seat post, I have no idea. I haven’t cut mine. Just thinking through it though and I think it could work based on the clamping system. Just use carbon paste to make sure it holds. I’m just worried that there may be flex at the bottom of the post since the slot is no longer reinforced down there. Only one way to find out I guess...

Or call Felt and see if they make a shorter seat post.

Brett Z

“Livin’ in a van down by the river”
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Re: Felt IA Build [tanbrett87] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks, that helps
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