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Hi. I put on sale my system with the Sports 3DMA license. I also include the supports (fixed installation) and the tripods for their portable installation.

There are two possibilities for its sale:

· 4 cameras + 1 hub + 4 tripods for 9500 E.

· 6 cameras + 2 hubs + 6 tripods for 12000 E.

3DMA is an optical motion capture system that includes a set of high-speed, infrared motion capture cameras working at a minimum frequency of 100 FPS and recording the position of the markers fixed on different anatomic points. In barely five minutes the trainer or Sports

· Science specialist is able to get a comprehensive view of the athlete’s motion along with a real-time 3D view. Its main features are:
· Real-time 3D reconstruction of the athlete’s full-body motion.
· Automated reports.
· Statistics and graphs in real time.
· Record HD video synchronized with the 3D data.
· Synchronize the software with the surface EMG.
· No cables, no batteries on the sportsman.
· Included protocols are: Cycling, running, walking, golf swing, generic, full body.
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