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Re: Ho'ala Swim Underway [TriZoeTri] [ In reply to ]
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TriZoeTri wrote:
Looks like Lucy Charles did not race in TYR after all but Roka? I would suggest as a pro if you keep chasing after a sponsor to pay and they continue to not pay then you have to look elsewhere. Loyalty to a sponsor that does not pay their bills even with repeated follow ups that apparently went in for months, means paying your rent becomes pretty difficult. Though after her race today I would suggest that paying her rent will not be a problem in the near future. A

Amazing day out there doe so many Athletes with some big surprises apart from Rym is just at another level. So calm and controlled even when things were going wrong early. What a champion!


Take that were it belongs. I am sure Ms Charles wouldn't approve that dirty laundry aired with her fine performance.

Everybody knows that Neo-Pros get screwed all the time by their Sponsors.

Not helpful.
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Re: Ho'ala Swim Underway [windschatten] [ In reply to ]
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I was actually trying to defend her position. If her former sponsor continued to owe her money and treat her poorly over a long period then it is appropriate for her to leave and go elsewhere. Personally I think if she in fact was Swimming unsponsored as a stance of integrity (surely most if not all would want her on their books) then more power to her.
I hope she gets all the rewards for a tremendous performance.
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