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Want to be a Slowtwitch User Reviewer: HOTSHOT
I cramp, you cramp, we all cramp. During training, while putting on shoes, and (the worst,) dreaded “anytime is the wrong time” killer bilateral hamstring grabber. Many athletes cramp more regularly and more severely; it’s put them in danger as well as limited training and racing. This forum is alive with discussions about the various remedies and preventative measures. In the 2 years since the last nutritional review, innovative new products have entered the marketplace.
If you’ve been to an Ironman-branded race in the past 2 years, you’ve probably seen and possibly tried HOTSHOT. It’s a spicy-tasting liquid (think Fireball,) that you drink before, during , and after exercise.

HOTSHOT is the first and only scientifically proven solution to prevent and treat muscle cramps, invented by a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist/endurance athlete. Its proprietary formula controls Neuro Muscular Performance (NMP) and stops cramps at the nerve, where they really start. NMP is how an athlete’s nerves and muscles work together in an optimal way. More details about the product here.

Successful applicants will meet the following qualifications and have the following duties:

1. Cramp frequently (e.g., at least once per week or a couple times each month). In your response, please specify
a. When you cramp (swim, bike, run, strength training, etc)
b. Severity and duration of the cramps
c. Remedies you’ve tried
2. You live in the US and are training now for an upcoming 70.3 or longer triathlon, Century ride or longer, Marathon, Ultra Marathon or comparable event, and will be through August and into September.
3. You aren’t sponsored by a company making a product in this product’s competitive set (this include any company that makes anti-cramp products to use before, during and after training in powder, gel and bar format.)
4. Testing period is 3 weeks, and 24 bottles will be provided at no charge to you.
5. You’ll use HOTSHOT product according to the following manufacturer’s instructions with a focus on HOTSHOT products as a cramp prevention, treatment and recovery source during and after training and racing.
· Take one bottle 10 minutes before exercise to maximize your Neuro Muscular Performance.
· Take one bottle at the first sign of cramping.
· Take one bottle post exercise to reduce muscle soreness.
6. You’ll report your experience with the product at the end of the test period, on a Reader Forum thread you’ll find for the purpose. We will post a call for reviews, as well as send you a reminder email.
7. Your report will pay specific attention to convenience, taste, energy levels, digestability, cramp prevention and reduction, plus whatever else you consider relevant. If you’re chosen, we will send you a form to complete each time you use HOTSHOT.
8. Your comments may be used in a front page article that amalgamates all user reviews of that product, though you can choose the method attribution (how you wish to be identified) for any comments of yours that are quoted.
9. Please indicate your interest by posting here, or in a private message to Slowtwitch Concierge. In your private message, please describe your cramp history, list the event(s) you’re training for, confirm you’re in the US. If you post, please sure the email address on your ST account is current.
10. You must be a registered forum user and a recipient of the Slowtwitch Weekly Newsletter. Sign up for newsletter here: click on "Subscribe" on the upper right side of the page, or just below mid page blue line, where it says "Circulation Drive."

Standard Nutritional Review Disclaimer: We offer you NO warranty about ANY product. It's up to you to perform whatever due diligence you want. For example, our science editor Jonathan Toker wrote some time back about lab accreditation. You might want to inquire of any manufacturer about the lab where the product is made. Or about the ingredients. Your choice. We're adding this disclaimer before every one of these User Reviews.

Karen ST Concierge