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zika virus
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Zika virus is present in the entire caribbean, all of south america and south florida and texas. It has fallen off the radar since the Rio Olympics. Since a lot of people are travelling for March break I would suggest if you are to do everything you can to avoid mosquito bites. Bug repellent with deet, longsleeves avoiding areas with mosquito present at dawn and dust esp. Centres for Disease Control has web page with info at cdc.gov/zika/. It is most serious for women who are or are planning to get pregnant. However we are seeing people returning from Zika areas with other complications like Guillian Barre syndrome as well.

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Re: zika virus [len] [ In reply to ]
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I just returned from the Caribbean area (Cuba) on February 28. 12 days later, I am only now beginning to feel normal again. At first, I thought it was latent Montezuma's Revenge, although I was fine during my 7 day stay inside the country.

One I got on the plane to return home, things changed. After my triathlon, I was covered in at least a 1/2 dozen bug bites (sorry that I didn't get the blood suckers' true identities) and now wonder if this is what may be causing my ongoing discomfort.

I have been sleeping (when possible) at least 20-30% more to overcome the overall malaise. Diarrhea has been weakening me since I returned. Last night, I broke down and bought Immodium and today, I feel well enough to go out and run a little.

Since I'm long past child bearing, I don't worry about passing this onto the next generation. I just Googled and I don't see an easy way to get checked for this...

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Re: zika virus [SallyShortyPnts] [ In reply to ]
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Oh no - I am glad you're feeling better now. I thought there was a blood or other test for Zika, but not that there is a med that will treat it. Good luck with your recovery - what an unfortunate end to a nice trip!

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