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low cost high speed usb 2.0 camera
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For the all bike fitters that needs light tool for technique video analysis we present you first low cost high speed usb 2.0 camera - Falcon Eye, please check more at falconeye.sdcs.org.rs
Falcon Eye is solution positioned with performance and price between high speed industrial cameras and commercial web cameras.
It is compliant with many capturing and image processing software (Kinovea, APAS, Dartfish, to be tested with Contemplas, Simi Motion and similar).
With performance of 60fps@1280x720 and 100fps@640x480, real time data stream over usb 2.0 cable and CS lens representing one of the most flexible image capturing systems, which do not require additional hardware.
We recommend use of 2 synchronized Falcon Eye cameras with Kinovea free software in order to capture image details for bike fitting process.
More details you can find in attached brochure. If you need quotation or other info feel free to contact us at sdcsabac@gmail.com

Best Regards,
Milan Djupovac
Falcon Eye project leader
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