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Fitbit Blaze
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Unfairly asking the women in the group their thoughts on Fitbit Blaze.

Do y'all like it (those that have used or do use it)? For purposes of keeping up with sleep cycle, basic workout patterns, activities, time/date, is it worthwhile?

Not seeking to overwhelm my wife with anything, just want her to be able to use this to assist day-to-day.

If not Fitbit Blaze, is there something else you would recommend instead?

Thanks for help.

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Re: Fitbit Blaze [jcall2] [ In reply to ]
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I bought my GF that watch and she likes it a lot.
Helps her track calories, workouts, steps, and sleep.

The straps are really cheaP however.
If you buy one, get a replacement strap under warranty at the 11th month

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Re: Fitbit Blaze [jcall2] [ In reply to ]
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Here is what I recommend and it's what I wear as well:


Customer support for FitBit leaves a lot to be desired. If the wife wants help on the phone, Garmin really shines. The Vivoactive HR is actually waterproof, whereas the Fitbit Charge is not.

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