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Earn Commission on Power Meter Sales
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Hi. I'm looking for folks who want to get paid to hand out marketing cards to friends and others at races they attend. Here are the details.

I own Power Meter City. We sell power meters. I'm looking to do some marketing at races in 2016. I am looking for people who can hand out marketing cards. The process is pretty simple. I will have the cards made and shipped to you. You are responsible for getting them handed out. You can either hand them directly to folks, or attach them to cars, whatever you think will work best.

The cards will have a unique coupon code on them which will entitle the customer to a discount. When they make a purchase using the code, I can track it and determine if it was someone from the event. For every order I get, I will pay you 5% of the order amount. My products range in price from $299 to more than $2,000, so you can do the math. The more cards you hand out, the more you can make. This type of structure is good for me because you are incentivized to get the cards in good hands...and it's good for you because you can make a lot more than if I simply paid for a couple of hours of work.

So if you are going to any races in 2016, or just want some cards to hand out, and are interested in this offer, send me a message and we can chat further on the details.


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