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Growth Marketing Manager at PUSH
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PUSH is the developer of the first wearable to track and analyze strength training. PUSH's mission is to help athletes train better and reduce their risk of injury in the weight room by utilizing cutting edge sport technology and making it more accessible.
PUSH provides the ultimate solution for coaches to monitor their athletes training performance. The PUSH Portal allows coaches to schedule routines and review the performance of their athletes whether they are training in-facility or remotely. No more data entry, no more guesswork.
The PUSH System is the perfect solution for continuous monitoring of athletes performance in the weight room.
You have the right experience if:
+ You've been accountable for generating new marketing sourced customers and have proven you can grow the number of sourced customers month over month
+ You've delivered results through a relationship marketing strategy that grows revenues with existing customers
+ You've demonstrated you can provide strong sales support to sales teams
+ You have experience planning and executing inbound marketing, influencer marketing, event marketing and communications
​Important skills:
​+ You're a natural thought leader who can become a subject matter expert on a topic. You'll be creating content for coaches who teach professional athletes how to train. Can you create compelling, insightful content that will teach these people something new with blog posts, videos, podcasts, at conferences and training events?
+ You're a great writer and communicator. You'll be the voice of Push, so your copywriting has to be solid.
+ You love analyzing numbers. You'll be building out the metrics and the cadence that we use to manage customer acquisition through marketing. You know website traffic metrics, sources of traffic, long-tail keyword results, how cornerstone content is performing, conversion metrics off of all key assets... and you'll be able to explain to the PUSH team how this translates into new customers and growth on existing customers.
​You're a great fit if:
​+ You're on Strava
+ You can build great relationships with sales teams, leaders, and key influencers
+ You like to roll-up your sleeves and figure things out. Not sure how to do something? You're the type of person who enjoys figuring it out and getting it done. Fast.
+ You like being accountable for results. We're a small team that's growing fast and we're relying on marketing for a big part of that growth. As the most senior marketer in the company that puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. We're counting on you to produce results and you enjoy that.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Full Job posting: https://angel.co/l/LQnSF
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