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Mavic Cosmic SLS vs. Shimano C50
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What's up guys.
I'm having some conflict on whether my 2014 Mavic Cosmic SLS clinchers (48mm profile)
are running as fast as it should.

I recently found out that my stock Shimano R500 rims I have spin fast and FOREVER!
I discovered this by accident when I tried to sell them with a bike I now sold.
I tried to see if my Mavics spin the same, and it was literally half the time.


Sent it to my LBS to have it tuned up and said the bearings was good, but this
series are known to not spin fast. So, he took the hub apart and trimmed off
the rubber seal just so slightly and it spinned faster and longer, but still not
nearly as long as the Shimano R500's.

ANYONE with experience with these clinchers?
Are they supposed to spin like this?
Or are ALL clinchers supposed to spin not so fast and long as a lower profile wheel?
I have also a pair of 2014 Shimano C35's that spin a bit longer than the Mavics and
am thinking about getting the C50 to replace the Mavics.

Any comments are welcomed!
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