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WTB Serotta Size Cycle
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Big Shark Bicycle Co, with three stores based in St. Louis, is looking to purchase a Serotta Size Cycle. Also of interest is the 31.8 stem adapter for our existing size cycle. Please email jason [at] bigshark [dot] com if you have a size cycle for sale or know of a fitter/shop looking to sell.

Thank You & Best Regards!
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Re: WTB Serotta Size Cycle [jtorbitzky] [ In reply to ]
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I have a size cycle 2 (fit bike pro) for sale. Superb condition. Very little use.

Buyer collects. Pain in the ass to ship. I'm in South Central Indiana 45 mins south of I70. $8k firm. Less than 50 fits completed on it.

contact me at Jase@trionichumanperformance.com



Jase Robinson - Head Coach and Chief Biomechanical Engineer, Trionic Human Performance Inc.
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