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Re: Women's Showers [RAswim] [ In reply to ]
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RAswim wrote:
Ha ha...this thread cracked me up! I guess I am pretty simple - 1 shampoo (mild, cheap, smells good), 1 conditioner and 1 razor. Use the shampoo as a body soap. I'd buy 9 bottles of stuff though, if it would get me my own shower so I didn't have to share with hubby/kids!!!

we moved house, so DW could have her own shower not shared with grimy hubby/teenagers.. have not attempted a count since then, guessing in the region of 10 or so.

Personally: 1 bar soap, short hair so the soap works there too.. no soap in the gym bag, sweat is not dirt, don't need soap for that.. #ewgross

"It is a good feeling for old men who have begun to fear failure, any sort of failure, to set a schedule for exercise and stick to it. If an aging man can run a distance of three miles, for instance, he knows that whatever his other failures may be, he is not completely wasted away." Romain Gary, SI interview
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