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Re: Double Standards Bike Store Rant [lindsayonthego] [ In reply to ]
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Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience at three different shops. Do you have friends in women's cycling in your area? Can they recommend anyplace else? I'm in NY, my shop is awesome. Supports our local women's cycling team too.

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Re: Double Standards Bike Store Rant [avatar78] [ In reply to ]
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avatar78 wrote:
Bike shops live and die on service and it's sad to hear some of these stories. I worked in a shop when WSD was coming out and it was very hyped by the bike companies as a blow AGAINST discrimination of women, who always were stuck with ill fitting bikes. It is unfortunate that pink and lower end components are part of this, as opposed to only geometry and different sized components. Most all the employee training is from company reps, so they're probably just acting on what they heard from the reps, not that that's an excuse. Hopefully it moves more from men vs women sizing to whatever fits best, as mentioned above.

PS. Just for future reference it's 49cm, not 49"

Yep, got it. :)
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Re: Double Standards Bike Store Rant [jen-g] [ In reply to ]
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Out of my friends, I'm the most into cycling. My S.O.'s cycling team is co-ed. I've talked with the ladies on the team about my experiences and asked where they go. The "team" shop is where the guy showed me the women's bikes in the catalog even after discussing my preferences. Again, to be fair, they didn't really have anything close to my size to try, and he could have assumed that I had a typical women's geometry. I ended up getting my bike (still waiting for it to come in) through them.

Hilarious follow-up to Shop #3 - the not-really-an-LBS bike store. They said that they got destroyed on Yelp so they were trying their best to improve. Clearly, some of their employees still need some training, but they were off to a good start by having a saleslady.
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Re: Double Standards Bike Store Rant [MtnBikerChk] [ In reply to ]
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MtnBikerChk wrote:
lindsayonthego wrote:
I'm opposed to WSD bikes because my geometry is not typical for a woman - I don't know the exact numbers, but unlike most women, I have a long torso and short legs. Therefore, the shorter top tube on most WSD bikes isn't helpful to me.

IMHO you can't go bike shopping without knowing your fit first. And you can't rule out all women specific bikes based on the above.

Example - check the measurements of the Trek Speed Concept 7.0 WSD sizes vs non WSD. The ONLY differences are that the WSD has an XS, and between the other sizes, the only difference is the head tube length.

Now I'm not defending these shops because let's face it, it can be like buying a car and women don't know what they're talking about ;)

....but my advice to you is to know what really fits you and shop that way. Do lots of homework before you even step foot into a shop.

You went from a women's 49 Specialized (which was too small)
to a "unisex" 52 Cannondale? WOW that's quite a jump and could be as much as 2 frame sizes (I don't know what the numbers look like side by side). Good luck. I hope it works for you.

I will be paying for a bike fit afterwards. Maybe I am impatient and ready to have a bike that is closer to what I need, and maybe it's just me, but I had a hard time finding a shop that would work fit first, bike second.

Second, my first bike was WAY, WAY, WAY too small. It was bought following a guess at a chart based on height, but as far as geometries go, I ended up on a 54cm Women's Specialized, so I was really like 3 sizes off. The 52 unisex should be just fine with a proper bike fit and narrower handlebars.
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