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This Week in Triathlon - June 6th 2013
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***This Week Coming to you live from Boise, ID***

Where: http://www.youtube.com/kevintaddonio
When: Streaming live at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern

This Week in Triathlon Schedule:

Guest Segment - Nina Jack

About Nina:

Nina Jack is a recent first time Ironman finisher at Ironman Texas. She is an assistant director in Hollywood who's scope of work has included hit shows such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and the X-files. In the build up to Ironman Texas, Nina worked full-time on location in Albuquerque, NM filming the concluding season of Breaking Bad. While Nina might not be able to tell us how the show ends, she might be able to lend some insight into her training while working long hours.

Nina is a member of Rev3 Triathlon Team

Nina and her husband, Dana Rucker, routinely host athletes from around the world at their house in LA, affectionately known as IHOT (International House of Triathletes). Athletes staying with them have ranged from Kate Major, Michelle Bremer, your host Kevin!, and recently Team TBB member Brent Carter.

Race Recap:

Rev3 Quassy
Honu 70.3
ITU WTS Madrid

Race Precap:

Boise 70.3
Kansas 70.3
Ironman Cairns

Tech Segment

Practicing TT technique and keeping helmet under highest point of back to minimize frontal profile (CdA).

Tri Tip
Answer (2) Questions from Users on Facebook & Twitter.

Q#1 "Should triathletes swimming in masters groups participate in strokes other than freestyle?" - From Jason Whitley in The Dalles, OR
Q#2 "What kind of cadence should I be shooting for in training and racing? Should I supplement low/high cadence into my training rides? I don't have a powermeter" - From Stephen Hannaman in Scottsdale, AZ

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