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Looking for Software Developer Estimate.
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Our company uses Peachtree accounting software, HERE. This software contains a very basic job tracking package that simply does not meet our needs and is relatively cumbersome to work with. Over the last 4-5 years we have looked at a number of job tracking packages and we run into two problems. Either they are a standalone package that does not interface well or at all with the accounting side or they are sold as a complete package, meaning we would have to switch our accounting over to the other package. We don't want to do that.

I have looked into the interface packages for Peachtree and believe what I want to do is possible, but am not sure.

So the following is what I'm looking for.

Package description.
1) A job interface that I can more easily enter jobs.
2) An ability to interface using a scanner that allows employees to log on and off jobs for keeping track of time.
3) The package must be able to export/import with Peachtree for accounting purposes. About the only thing would be time and what that time was spent on.
4) The package itself would be able to create a routing sheet for the job but this routing sheet does not need to be interchangeable with peachtree, only the time on various processes.

We are a small manufacturing company so we'd be looking at a routing sheet that shows the order and process the part needs to be done in as well as keeping track of where the part is in the process. Additional niceties, but not needs would be something like MS project that would show work in process, machine time, resource availability etc etc. Again, that would be nice, but not necessary.

I'm not picky as to how the above gets done, whether it is using some existing package and integrating it with Peachtree and altering it for our needs or building something from the ground up.

What I'm really looking for at the moment is someone that would know how to accomplish and a rough estimate of cost and or even if possible to do.

Please feel free to PM me with questions.

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