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Help Wanted Jack's Bicycle and Fitness
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Help Wanted Jack's Bicycle and Fitness Dearborn

Jack’s Bicycle and Fitness Dearborn store is growing and looking to hire three to four people.

Sales position. We are looking for a sales leader who has excellent communication and customer service skill for our online sales department. This person must be computer and internet literate and self motivated. This person must be able to recognize what needs to be done without direction and be able to complete there task.

Mechanic. Looking for person with basic to advanced mechanical ability. We are a very high volume shop with a goal of twenty four hour turn around. All mechanics are held to the highest personal standards for there work.

Ecommerce. Looking for an E commerce expert with experience selling on Amazon and Ebay. Our ideal person would be in charge of running our E commerce sales department and would need to be familiar with Magento.
Please call Brian @ 313-561-2560
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