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$ Offered for Homestay in/near Austin, TX
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I posted this on the main forum, but maybe it will get more interest here...

Attention Austin area triathletes:

I am looking to host a winter camp in/near Austin, TX during the last week of February 2013. I need a good sized house that will fit 6-8 campers, preferrably. I am considering renting a place from VRBO or similar site, but trying to keep costs down a little. If you are a local triathlete with a nice big/empty house (not filled with a family, etc.), perhaps it might be an attractive idea for you to host a camp. This would be a great opportunity to meet pro/elite triathletes from out of town, participate in the camp, and even make a few $ on the side.

Obviously, location is important. We want to be near a good pool, close to running trails, and near good cycling roads without having to go through too much of the busier sections of town heading out on the bike.

For anyone in particular need of coaching, our host will be provided with free coaching services - swim technique clinics, swim video analysis, bike/run coaching, etc. You will also have your meals covered and be able to partake in any/all of the group workouts throughout the week. This is a pretty unique opportunity to be part of a fun camp and we'll make it worth your while.

If you're interested, send me a PM, email (jkenny5150 at gmail), or respond to this thread. Thanks in advance!

John Kenny, Pro Triathlete, USAT Certified Coach - http://www.frenchcreekracing.com
Philly Masters and Open Water
ToughKids Philly 5/19 & French Creek Triathlon 5/20
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