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Director of Bioprocess Development
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The University of Nebraska is looking for a new director of its Bioprocess Development Facility (BPDF).

The BPDF is a leading bioprocess
research, development and cGMP
manufacturing facility focused on
vaccines and biotherapeutics derived
from recombinant yeast and bacterial
expression systems. Projects range
from process research, development,
and cGMP manufacturing of vaccines against biological warfare agents, to assisting small and large
biopharma companies in bringing biotherapeutics to clinical trials.

The cGMP pilot plant accommodates both
recombinant bacteria and yeast expression
systems at the 150 L-scale (working volume).
Designed and built by AES CleanTechnology
(clean rooms) and BioKinetics (process piping),
the facility has state-of-the-art cGMP utilities,
an established QA department, environmental
monitoring, and a GLP compliant QC

The Director is expected to manage an externally funded program that includes basic and applied
research, process development, analytical methods development and qualification, quality assurance and
quality control units, and cGMP production of recombinant proteins. The director should have experience
in microbial expression systems, scale-up of upstream and downstream bioprocessing, and managing
cGMP processes. Industrial experience is preferred but not required. A doctoral degree in Chemical and
Biomolecular Engineering or a closely related field is required. Must meet qualifications for appointment
as a tenured professor.

To apply: https://employment.unl.edu/...jsp?postingId=275281
For more information: http://bpdf.unl.edu/
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