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sell nutrition to your club
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Hey everyone...

Just wanted to say that I'm selling athletic nutrition now after looking into it after my past Ironman performance. I am on this product "Herbalife 24" which I've been using for several workouts now and really feel like its benefitting me. I'm recovering much faster than before and my workouts are hitting the numbers they need to.

With that being said, I have talked with my tri club president and he is going to be bringing me on as a nutritional sponsor for the club... that way I can start helping others out with their nutrition for pre-during-post workouts.. I just thought I'd throw the option out to ST if you may be interested in this.

- discount on all your nutrition (this alone was one of the reasons I signed up in the first place)
- product really works for me (IM athlete)
- Can sell this to your friends or other club members
- You decide when you want to work.. as many hours as you make it... and an easy side income
- Triathletes will put money into good products, and this for me has been great

- pyramid scheme of a business
- commission based

But.. like I said, I'm going on as the nutrition sponsor for the club and I'm sure there are many more of you out there that have buddies looking for new nutrition supplements or how to get started.

To the general public.. yes, its hard to make money... but for a triathlete that is serious about training and knows nutrition is the 4th discipline... this is a very easy side job and discount on your nutrition.

If you are interested, just message me... This is serious and I'm being very honest with you.. no gimmicks, just sign up, get your discount, and start making extra money..


^^ my website that I'll be sending out to my club.. look it over, see if its something you'd like to do..

Take care

COROS Sports Science

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Re: sell nutrition to your club [Tri-livin] [ In reply to ]
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3 weeks after IM Louisivlle... already logged 350 miles on the bike..

I'm recovering better than ever.. This nutrition is legit. Just throwing that out there..

Let me know if you want to try it out.. I'm getting very excited for this off season schedule.. the recovery is un-real


COROS Sports Science

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