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IM COZ... words from a local
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i just signed up and want to introduce myself on different levels.
my name is dailene and i am the co owner of "Cabrilla´s Sport Center" located less than a block from T2. we are the local tri shop mentioned in other posts. i participated in IMCOZ 2010 (my first), 2011, and doing 2012 and 70.3 2012 here in cozumel. i am also vice president of the local tri team "Tri-Kuzam".

our tri line has drastically increased since last year (our inaugural year as a tri shop), and we have CO2, threaded and non threaded, pumps, tubes, tires, race belts, SLS3 tri clothing, Pearl Izumi clothing and running shoes, cycling shoes, body glide, joshua tree cycling salve (wow, great stuff), limited valve extenders, aerodrinks, polar insulated water bottles, compression socks and sleeves, bike tools, 1st endurance, etc.

if there are products you specifically need, please feel free to contact me and i can see about having them in stock.

like last year, we will be set up 2 weeks before and 1 week after IM COZ with the very best bike mechanics. beto's bike has 27 years experience and he specializes in road and tri bikes. he and his crew can help you with everything from assembly, disassembly, minor adjustments, to major tuneups and emergency repairs. we will also offer delivery service of your bike. beto only uses park tool tools and really knows his stuff.

on a different level, i am a long time resident of cozumel (over 12 years, visiting 6 years before that) and i know this place. i love this place. you will love this place. the people and support for IM are incredible. the road construction mentioned is nearing completion, with just a few stretches to finish and pave. they promise it to be done before IM in november. then the old road will be converted to a bike path! (so they claim). the running coach in the municipal sports complex is in charge of the aid stations for the run and those who participated can agree that 2011 aid station supplies were better than 2010. my PT/sports massage therapist was in charge of the massage area and her students are damn good.

i am probably opening pandora's box here, but if you have any questions, specific or general, please let me know. we also posted a lot of info on IAMTRI.com in last year's IMCOZ posts regarding places to stay.
nice to meet you guys and see you soon!
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