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Shameless Plug . . . For Charity!
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Hi everyone,
My name is Kyle Williams and although I rarely post, I have been on Slowtwitch for about 2 years and reading articles and forums ever since I got in to Triathlon. I hope no one minds, but I wanted to let you all know about a fund raising ride I am doing next week.

Every year, countless young children are enslaved and abused in the worldwide sex trades. We may not want to dwell on this horrific problem, yet regardless this is a growing issue. In addition there is an epidemic of children who are orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS virus. Destiny Rescue and Action for Empowerment are two charities that seek to address these specific problems.

Myself and 17 others from our local church will be riding 400 miles in five days. During this same ride last year, the team raised an astounding $168,000, which went to support local ministries in the Akron, OH area. This year we are taking a global perspective with our support being focused on ministries that save, nurture, and care for children throughout the world. We already have matching donations of $80,000 and $37,000, and if you are able to support this effort, I would greatly appreciate it. (A link to the web page where you can enter your pledge is included at the bottom.) If you don't want to or unable to help, no problem and you can follow the ride via:
http://www.facebook.com/kyle.williams.7311352 (my personal page)
http://loveinactionblog.blogspot.com/ (official ride blog)
https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%232012BikeChallenge (official ride twitter)

More info on this years charities:

Destiny Rescue:
Video: http://vimeo.com/42700028
Homepage: http://www.destinyrescue.org/us/
Destiny Rescue has teams that regularly go into brothels and red-light districts looking
for and rescuing children who are being sexually exploited. They then provide safe homes
for these children where each child requires and receives very specialized and intensive
care. They are given one-on-one medical, psychological, emotional and intellectual care
to help them heal and overcome the abuses of their past. We have received a
grant that will match any pledges for Destiny Rescue up to $80,000. This means that any
amount we raise toward Destiny Rescue, up to $80,000, will be doubled!

Action for Empowerment:
Video: https://vimeo.com/45456397
Homepage: www.aoet.org/
Sam Tushabe's "Action for Empowerment (AOET)": Established in 1995 with his wife to rescue orphans and vulnerable children who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. The main focus of AOET is to rescue orphans and other vulnerable children who are either affected or infected by HIV. Activities are centered on supporting these children and improving the rural communities in which they live.

PLEDGE TODAY: Link to the pledge form. NOTE: Please select my name at the bottom of the form. This will insure that I know of your support.

For more information about the ride or the ministries we're supporting: http://hudson.ccchapel.com/...2012-Bike-Challenge/

Thanks again for your time and support,
Kyle Williams
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