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Leadman Bend 40% OFF Coupon Code - Epic 125 / 250
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Life Time Fitness Leadman Bend has a 40% off coupon code. Just to be clear, this promotional code is assigned to me and helps support my own racing. The coupon code is LTFTRI18. I have tested it and verified that it is working - it brings ~$160 off the $399 full entry and makes it a very affordable race at $240 for the full. At Leadman Las Vegas they included a very nice Hincapie Subliminated Jersey as well and the course and conditions were truly epic. Please feel free to use it to save 40% on Epic 125 / Epic 250.

Save: $50 on Speed Hound Recovery Boots | $20 on Air Relax| $100 on Normatec| 15% on Most Absorbable Magnesium

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