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High Altitude Training Camp--Flagstaff AZ--July 23/25-29
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Flagstaff, AZ. 7200' Altitude. Break up your season and give yourself a fitness boost going into your big race.

Focus is 70.3 and IM focus for late season races (Louisville, Canada, Madison, Kona, Florida, Arizona).
You'll log big miles and get a fitness boost from the training at altitude. Also good for XTERRA and base building athletes. No pools--all the swimming will be open water.
All sessions coached by professional Kona-proven coaches. Full sag, full support.

7-day option includes rides to/from the Grand Canyon, runs along the rim, and hotel there!


Brian Grasky
Grasky Endurance: World Championship Triathlon Coaching; Professional Training Camps
RETUL fitter, Biomechanist, USAT Level 3 Coach, USAC Level 2 Coach
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