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I'm sure it's just me but........
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I think it's a lil strange that the winner of the Degree "Everyman Ironman"

1. didn't own a bike until he won and Degree bought him one.

2. has only done ONE triathlon in his life, in 2000 (borrowed bike).

3. didn't even know who Paula Newby-Fraser is.

I can only imagine that this guy can really write some major league B.S. that Degree really liked hearing.

I'd expect them to select someone that was at least somewhat interested in the sport.

They could have gotten someone from the "Jerry Springer" show to agree to train for an Ironman. We'll see how it all pans out.
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not the only one [ In reply to ]
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I was a little bugged also. (I never entered) but I did expect at least someone a little mpre competitive to win. I honestly don't expect this guy to make it. Five bucks says he calls it quits after his first or second real brick workout.

I probably wouldn't care as much, but this isn't the first time things like this have happened. Last year Triathlete Magazine gave away a brand new Kestrel to some one who had never done a triathlon in her life. I mean If she's doing tri's now great, but i haven't heard anything about her since.

-ranting ends,

By the way, will any of you actually buy this "Degree" stuff just because it's Ironman?
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