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I need your help to be on the look... My bike was stolen on Monday March 26th after 7:35pm at Coronado Ca. High School
I have a Police Report #2012-0657 If you see any ads or leads please email me gabrielatamer@yahoo.com

Make: Quintana Roo
Model Name: CD 0.1
Size: S
Serial No. 10WQ71SMF912MO153
Year: 2010
Color: Blk/Red
Custom Electronic Di2
(Dura-Ace Di2- which stands for digital integrated intelligence)

Carbon Wheels Easton EC90 SLX

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Re: STOLEN BIKE CORONADO CA. HELP [gaby] [ In reply to ]
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Im pretty sure I saw that bike on Craigslist a few days ago. I was trying to flag it because it was rediculously cheap. I havent been on these forums in about a year so i didnt know about this post. Im also in afghanistan so not much i could do. Sorry :-/

High Speed - Low Drag
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