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South Lake Tahoe
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I'm going to be in the area for a week come the beginning of Septmeber. Any recommendations for trail/road running routes? Thanks.


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Re: South Lake Tahoe [blevyibr] [ In reply to ]
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You might try the website


They list some local running groups and a little bit of information about some local routes.


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Re: South Lake Tahoe [Meg] [ In reply to ]
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I am there often...in fact just did some running at Heavenly on Saturday. Camp Richardson has some nice trails.

Heavenly Valley ski resort is really nice for hill training (California side). I've never done the Nevada side but have wanted to. Now, if you're into a little adventure, park at the end of Ski Run blvd and hit the trail head there. You'll follow a very steep trail that meanders up the mtn. I made my way to some of the Heavenly trails from there...lotsa fun, kind of climb-running.

There's also a nice rolling trail that runs at the base of the hills there. I don't remember the name of it, but it's also off Ski Run blvd. Take a right off 50 and head up. The trail is on the right side of the road maybe 100 yards above Pioneer Trail. Park on Ski Run. It's real close to the dead end with the trail I listed above. This trail though is a nice rolling run that goes for some miles. You can access trails that lead to Mr. Toads but I've not yet found how.

Mr. Toads by the way is fun. You'll have to look it up, but the trail head is in a park up Hwy 89 from Meyers. It's maybe 12 miles from Stateline. If you're a roadie, the Hwy 89 route to Hwy 88 is riding heaven.
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