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Front-End Developer at startup in NC
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Front-End DeveloperDetails about this position:American Journal Experts (AJE) offers a fast-growth startup-like environment with 80+ employees. We've been profitable since day one.

We are looking for a full-time software developer to help AJE support and improve existing sites, and to create new web applications for the academic publishing industry. The appropriate candidate will be a front-end expert who is also comfortable and experienced with PHP, SQL and JavaScript.

What you'll do:
• Utilize the latest web development standards and hands-on technical skills to create standards compliant, cross-browser compatible sites.
• Work with the marketing team to translate visual concepts and design specs into clean, fast-loading, SEO-compliant front-end solutions.
• Work with other members of the development team to make sure all the pieces fit where they should, do what they’re supposed to, and interact the right way with our back-end systems.
• Bring Adobe CS files to life as a unified, functional experience across web platforms (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari & more).

What you need to know:
• Minimum of 3-5+ years experience developing web sites; e-commerce experience recommended.
• Experience with non-table based layouts and generating mock-ups on the fly for browsers.
• jQuery, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Know them, love them, live them:
o Ability to hand-code clean, standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
o Strong JavaScript experience, including experience working with JavaScript frameworks (jQuery).
• Fully fluent in PHP; you won't be exclusively front-end in this gig and should be very comfortable working directly with a database backend. Must have serious PHP development experience with a database backend (MySQL preferred).
• Proficient in Adobe creative suite; experience slicing Photoshop files and optimizing to create pages based on mock-ups.
• Familiarity with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts.
• Familiarity with OO concepts and design patterns.
• Knowledge of the UNIX command line is recommended.
• Know how to resolve issues with even outdated browsers. Significant chunks of our IE browser customers use versions as low as 6.0.

Other Extra Stuff:
• Got Git? We use GitHub for source code management and version control. You should be cool with that.
• Familiarity with modifying existing sites for mobile platforms is a plus; we're seeing an increase in visits via iPhone and Android devices.
• Drupal and Wordpress development/hacking/wrestling is a plus.
• Advanced knowledge of SEO (beyond the meta tag) and internet marketing (e.g. A/B testing, tracking complex campaigns) a bonus.

The ideal candidate is an intelligent, ambitious, creative, enthusiastic, and hard-working individual with good communication skills who is capable of working independently but also enjoys working with a team. At AJE we have an “Open Office” environment where people can choose to work from home, but you will need to come into the Durham office for periodic meetings, work sessions, game nights with the office XBox, etc.

Compensation includes salary, bonus, and future stock options. This is a demanding and rewarding position with a high-growth company. This job is a springboard to learn entrepreneurship and business skills by working directly with experienced entrepreneurs. The position is in the Durham, NC area. Applicants who live in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill areas or are willing to relocate are welcome to apply.

Type: Full-time
Work Eligibility: US Citizens and Permanent Residents only


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