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Wetsuit recommendations - need ASAP
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I was putting on my wetsuit for a final long open water swim before IMLP yesterday, and somehow a tiny little nick on the sleeve turned into a huge hole. I managed to make it useable for the day by putting a spare swim cap in the hole and holding everything together with my ankle Road ID, but that's obviously not going to cut it for an actual race (especially since it will probably get bigger again the next time I put the suit on). My worst case scenario is that I'll have to fix it with tape for the race and deal with getting a new one afterwards, but since I'm going to have to buy new anyway, I'd much rather try to get something before ironman. I bought my wetsuit in 2008 and thought I could use it for at least another season beyond this one, so I have no idea what's good right now. I'm 5'3" and have fairly big boobs (if that matters in terms of fit). Any recommendations or info you have would be much appreciated!

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