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Constant New Minor Injuries!!
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Ladies- I'm at wits end and need to see if anyone else out there is dealing with this...It seems that just when all my training is falling in line I get some nagging injury. It's been two seasons since I've done any Tri's at all. First it was bilateral achilles tendonosis (my fault wrong shoes) and since then it's one thing after another. Two bulging discs, then that whole hip pain thing that I followed here. Now it's plantar fasciatis (sp?). I'm finally able to do some boot camp stuff but still no running as all the old stuff flares up. And just FYI I'm not some young thing that stupidly goes out too hard. I'm 46 and seasoned but man this sucks! I'm now seeing a wholistic sports med doc to see where the root of this all lies. But some days it's just soooo frustrating! Ok thanks for the rant.
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