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Triathlon Gear Reviews
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My friend and I have started a Triathlon Gear Review Website (www.tribomb.com) and we would like the expert (uh, most of the time) opinions of the ST crowd.

Who we are - A couple of friends and fellow triathletes with over 12 years of experience in the triathlon and multi-sport world (i know, i know, almost virgin-like by ST standards) who wanted more than what we were getting from the average triathlon product review. So we decided to "fix" what we didn't like by starting our own triathlon specific product review site. Now that we have a few reviews posted we are hoping to get a little feedback from some of you here on the ST forum.

About our site - Tribomb.com is our take on what we've always wanted in a triathlon product review site. First of all our reviews are interactive. We feel like this is a new concept in product reviews. This allows our viewers to ask questions about specific products and also let us know if we missed covering something in our review. We also allow our viewers to submit product review requests to help us review the products that are of interest to those who use our site. We are committed to cutting through all the hype and giving our honest opinion about the products we review.

Please take some time to check out our website. If you like it, let us know by liking us on Facebook. If you think it sucks, let us know what to change. We value the opinions of our fellow STers and hope our site can be a source of information and hopefully a little bit of entertainment as well.

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