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Assulted while riding part two
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This is from the Cleveland Ohio triathlon club Yahoogroups web site.

The following message was received from Lois Cowan, co-owner of Century Cycles:

Tuesday morning, the morning radio show o­n WMJI-Majic 105 read an e-mail from a listener saying that bicycles should not be o­n the roads in the Cleveland Metroparks. At least o­ne of the DJs told listeners who were in cars to do things like:

- speed past the bike, pull back into the lane and slam o­n your brakes.
- speed past the bike, open your passenger door and put o­n the brakes.
- yell and/or honk at all cyclists as you pass in your car.
- throw things out your window at cyclists.

Apparently, there was at least o­ne caller who said that what they were telling people to do was wrong. The caller tried to explain that bicycles are allowed o­n the roads and are vehicles just like cars. From what I understand, the DJs made fun of the caller and didn't take her comments seriously.

I contacted the station and talked to Jimmy Mallone about the program contents. Since Mr Mallone had bought a bicycle from Century Cycles, I knew that he rides a bike. He said that he would try to get "the other side of the story" o­n Wednesday's show.

I have also given Mr Mallone another customer's phone number so that he could interview Kim. She was purposely run off the road in the Cleveland Metroparks last Sunday and now has a broken rib and a concussion. Her helmet split in half, but she feels lucky to be alive. The behavior that the DJs are condoning is not fun and games; it could be someone's life or death.

If you agree that this behavior from DJs is wrong and you would like to voice your opinion, please call the station and let them know what you think, particularly between 7am and 10am in the morning.

The station phone numbers are as follows:
Listener Line 866-457-WMJI
Main line 216-520-2600
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calling all lawyers -file criminal and civil charges [ In reply to ]
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Forget about calling the station. If she hasn't already, the injured woman should file civil charges against the station and should see if the local DA will file conspiracy felony assault charges against the DJ's.

I am not usually in favor of being litigious, but this case calls for action. That people would say that on the radio is so outrageous unbelievable. You can't call for people to take action that can seriously injure others.

Yeah. I get angry at this , like others who wrote about mounting shotguns on their bikes, but I think serious legal action is a more rational response.

Are the Cleveland DJ's the same guys mentioned in the Texas post?

Either way, we can't let people get away with this kind of behavior.

I'm not a lawyer, so I would like to know what any lawyers out there, think about what can be done about these guys.
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Re: calling all lawyers -file criminal and civil charges [michaelg] [ In reply to ]
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Seems like the rider got hit on Sunday, or even the previous Sunday, and the DJs didn't launch their diatribe until Tuesday, e.g., 2-9 days later. In that case, there wouldn't be a specific nexus between the two acts. Regardless, I think it would be very difficult to prove that the driver acted at the direction of the DJs. Also, are you sure the DJs themselves advocated the actions, or were they just reading an email from a listener?

I had an experience like this with a lawyer who does a call-in show on local AM talk radio. He was advising riders not to ride on roads, but only on "bike paths." I called and told him he should be advising drivers to watch out for riders instead--that we have just as much right to be on the roads as anyone in a car. He claimed to be a rider, but didn't understand that "bike paths" are really "multi-use recreational paths" that are usually populated by slow riders, riding two abreast with headphones on, etc., etc. After I spoke, several people called in agreeing with him. BTW, the talk show host, who also disagreed with me, now does commercials on the station for a LBS.
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Re: calling all lawyers -file criminal and civil charges [tri_bri2] [ In reply to ]
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And that's why I am totally against bike paths. They are just a prelude to outright bans. The existence of bike lanes has brought with it the legal requirement to ride in them if available, so it's not that big of a jump to require the same with separate bike paths. If I liked slippery slopes I would be a skier.
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Re: Assulted while riding part two [mtntri1] [ In reply to ]
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this is serious stuff people. these dj's might think it's funny, but you can be sure there's some mullet out there driving his pick-up truck listening to this crap and a little light bulb is going on above his head.

the program director can be contacted at http://www.wmji.com/progdir.html let him know how you feel about this. you (or your spouse, kids, or loved one) could be next.

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