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Tucson Endurance Performance Center
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Cycling and Triathlon Performance Center complete with 3D Bicycle Fitting, Blood Lactate Testing, Biomechanical Assessment, Performance Equipment, and Group Training

Tucson, Arizona. (June 14, 2011) -- Cyclists, runners, swimmers, and triathletes in Tucson now have a single source for performance testing, analysis, and consulting. The Tucson Endurance Performance Center is designed to promote a healthy life style through service to the beginner through world champion athlete. Services include performance testing and consulting, 3D bike fitting, professional coaching, recovery tools and techniques, and group training.

Backed by Tucson-based Grasky Endurance Coaching, the Tucson Endurance Performance Center focuses on the endurance athlete with endurance-specific yoga, massage, TRX Suspension Trainer and traditional strength training, Computrainer Bike Simulator training sessions all led by endurance athlete/coaches. The Center will house a small retail area limited to performance tools and training equipment, as well as a service area.

“My passion is in educating the athlete and in aiding the athlete to be the best they can be, whether their goal is their first race or the Olympics,” said professional triathlon and cycling coach Brian Grasky, founder of TEPC. Grasky has been a flight instructor in the US Air Force for more than ten years and has taken his military-trained instruction skills to sport coaching for eight years. A former elite triathlete, cyclist, and mountain bike racer with over a dozen race wins, Grasky’s sport coaching training includes internships at the US Olympic Training Center and training by the sport’s premier fitters and coaches. The entire TEPC staff is comprised of triathletes and cyclists, and most are certified coaches. Guest presenters will include professional athletes, Navy SEALs, and others.

“Our goal is to bring the Tucson triathlon and cycling community the tools and facility needed to improve their fitness, increase their health, and reach their goals,” said Grasky.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Brian Grasky at 520-305-1176 or brian@graskyendurance.com.

Brian Grasky
Grasky Endurance: World Championship Triathlon Coaching; Professional Training Camps
RETUL fitter, Biomechanist, USAT Level 3 Coach, USAC Level 2 Coach
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