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tab starts RAAM tomorrow
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She has an incredible journey ahead of her. To cheer her and her teammates on you can follow them:

"We are Team Ride Red. Our website will nave streaming video during the day(ridered.org) as will our Facebook page(fan us)"

Lets show her and her team some ST love.


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Re: tab starts RAAM tomorrow [JenHS] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks for the shout! We are just back from the racer meeting and are SO excited. We were expecting a long boring rules and regulation meeting...........it was the opposite. Every racer on every team is introduced. It is such positive atmosphere. The 4 person teams start at 2 PT tomorrow. It's a time trial start. We roll at 2:13. There are three all women teams this year in the4 person division. There is also female 2 person team. This is going to be epic!!

Now what to do until noon tomorrow................
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