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Earn extra- NEW Energy products
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New product, just released this week from a well known Cdn company- (Immunotec Research)

E-motion energy shot & gels- you can build a great, side income by helping us promote these new, all natural, very awesome products.
Buy at discount, get your training friends to do the same = you earn sales commission, residual income + bonus. You earn extra & save more.

Great business opp, products we all use, get your share of the +4 BILLION dollar industry.
Take advantage of new product promotion= buy 5, get 1 free

check it out: http://www.e-motionenergy.com/...ww%2Eimmunotec%2Ecom
click the Contact Me button from the home page / e-mail / or call.

Julie Gorham
(514) 804-7876

http://www.jennyslight.org Offer help. Get help.

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