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Quarq - Engineers Wanted
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Quarq has a problem. We have more ideas and projects than we have engineers to execute them. We would like to fill two engineering positions:

1. Mechanical Engineer with good exposure to electrical engineering and programming. Must be equally comfortable in design as well as hands-on fabrication. Job will involve everything from Solidworks through CNC machining.

2. Embedded systems engineer, ideally an EE with excellent embedded software skills. Will require experience in circuit design software, hardware debugging and firmware development.

We are still a small place, so both jobs will require design, development, testing and production engineering as well as moving seamlessly between mechanical, electrical and software problems. Lots of practical, hands-on 'built-it' and/or programming experience is more important than GPAs and job titles.

To apply, send us:

1. Standard CV and cover letter

2. Description of projects that you have done 'Outside of Work and or Classroom' that show off your engineering / software skills. This can
include home /community projects, open source contributions and or things you have hacked.

Email to jobs@quarq.us. Job location is in Spearfish, SD. We expect to fill these positions in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
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