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Services offered--Web design/development & Web Marketing
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My partner and I are in the process of turning our "side-gig" into something more legitimate. At this point our business itself (as a marketable entity) is not fully put together but we continue to work with several clients as independent contractors and through a larger (though still a small) firm based in the PNW (we are in Chicago) as their white-label SEO team for a few clients they have.

We are looking to expand (who isn't) and we need a couple of nice portfolio projects. This does not mean that we work for free, but I'm confident that at this point you'd get a better value from us than what you would typically find elsewhere.

What do we do?

We can build you a website but that is not our primary focus. Our primary focus is web marketing. You have a website, but if no one can find it or it does not target your customers than it is nothing more than an expensive business card among a billion others on the internet. Through search engine optimization, social media (twitter, facebook, etc), and paid advertising our goal is ultimately to make you more money.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Assess your market (product, clients, etc)
  2. Determine your competition
  3. Establish where you currently fit in
  4. Assess where you should be
  5. Get you there

Whether your goal is increased targeted traffic, leads, direct sales, or whatever else it is that you need, our goal is to maximize your ROI.

I race bikes, 2 of our current clients are in the cycling industry. Contact me via PM here first, please.

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